Better Life Physical Therapy Got To 2X Their Business In Only A Few Months!


Corbin is the owner of Better Life Physical Therapy and has a full schedule. He wanted to expand but couldn’t put in the time since his personal clients all needed him. He had a decent website that he put together but knew he wanted to match the quality of his online presence with the level of care he gives to his clients. That’s where Dovera came in. We looked at his goals and mapped out what direction he wanted to go and put the strategy in place.


The main goal was to craft a strategy that allowed him to focus on his clients while also bring on new clients. He has a brother and other people interested in working with him but didn’t have the leads to justify hiring someone new. Our goal was to minimize his marketing and sales time yet find a way to bring in clients. 


Choosing to work with a marketing agency is tough because most marketing agencies make promises but don’t deliver. Corbin saw the value that we brought and our results from other clients we have and trusted us with his company. 

We implemented our Ryse 3 Scaling method with him and created a full marketing strategy that included our main 3 components, Strategy, Presentation (website/landing pages), and Traffic (ads, local seo). We also helped set up integrations including call tracking and a crm. 

His time investment was super minimal and we achieved the results he is looking for. After creating the website and starting the ads, we was profitable within a few months. Not only that but his brother went from almost no clients to having a fully booked 40 appointments per week calendar. They also had to hire more therapists because of how many clients we have brought them.

The best thing is we created the system to help their new therapists learn how to grow their company too. His brother who was new to sales got to quickly learn how to convert the offer we shared with the prospects. The offer was so good, that it made closing sales that much easier. 

They now have to find a new office soon since they are outgrowing their space! On top of that we are projecting what it would be like to open a second location to help more people heal from their chronic injuries.