New Therapist Got Full Time Work!


Brock is a new pain therapist located in Palm Beach Gardens, FL that just finished schooling. He joined his brothers practice and didn’t want to have to find other work since this was his first therapist position. He had to learn sales, find his own leads, and grind in the sales process rather than focus on healing his patients. We needed to come up with a strategy that kept his precious time where it should be, healing patients. 


Run Google Ads and SEO to bring him as many clients as possible. By positioning the company to be experts and crafting a perfect offer to their clients, we wanted to bring in as many clients as possible to help Brock out. The goal was to bring them 40 appointments per week to get Brock full time.


We have been running our campaigns and in under 3 months we got him consistently to 40-45 appointments per week. Brock got consistent leads where he got to practice his sales skills and close a lot of clients. Not bad for only 3 months of experience! It isn’t rocket science but there are important factors to learn. The best part is he didn’t have to go out of his way and figure out a marketing strategy on his own. He got to sit back and watch the leads come in, close them, and heal his patients.

He also got so busy the company had to hire more help since he couldn’t handle all of the phone calls. They are now teaching a new therapist to bring on more clients. 

Brock no longer has to be concerned about finding another client or another job.