Calculate Your Marketing Campaigns!

See how profitable your marketing campaigns will be!

1. Start by putting your ad spend in.

2. Estimate your cost per click (use Google Keyword Planner for Google Ads or use $1-2 for Facebook on average)

3. Landing pages on average vary between 1-10% depending on the industry. Try searching the average for your industry.

4. Contact rate is when you receive a phone call or a submission, how many of those do you actually connect with?

5. Showed appointment rate is how many people actually booked an appointment.

6. What percentage do you close your sales? 

7. Customer Lifetime Value is calculated by adding all of your customers, how much they paid, and finding the average value of 1 customer.

8. Click calculate and see how much revenue you can expect from your campaign!

Dovera Marketing Funnel Calculator