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The Heaven Guy

The Heaven Guy is an international ministry with a mission to educate the world about the concept of Heaven. We were tasked with developing a new website for the ministry, which involved a number of key components such as branding, ecommerce, a church directory, and a blog. To ensure maximum visibility and engagement, we developed a unique website structure that directs all visitors back to the main video on the homepage. This structure facilitates the delivery of the central message and is a key factor in establishing The Heaven Guy’s brand identity. The resulting website has provided the ministry with a platform to reach a wider audience, and has contributed significantly to its goal of becoming a global leader in spiritual education.

Trailmap For Life

Trailmap for Life’s life skills program is an exceptional resource that provides valuable tools for families to learn together. However, the program’s website was in need of a redesign to enhance user experience and provide easier access to its free 5-session program, as well as other resources. Working closely with Trailmap for Life, we overhauled the website design, making it user-friendly and accessible for anyone to use. Our new design offers a streamlined, intuitive experience that simplifies the process of accessing and viewing the program. With a renewed focus on user experience, families are now able to learn and practice important life skills together, contributing to stronger family bonds and a better quality of life. The updated website has helped Trailmap for Life’s program to reach a wider audience, making it more accessible to those who need it most.

Fluids Pro

Fluids Pro, a reputable engineering company based in South Florida, was facing a significant challenge as they had no way of presenting their services and capabilities online. Without a website, they were unable to communicate their strengths and expertise to their clients. However, we partnered with the company to create an effective “online business card” that showcases their services and how they can help their clients. The result was a sleek and modern website that provides valuable information about Fluids Pro’s services, while establishing the company’s brand identity as a leading engineering firm. The website has enabled the company to establish a significant online presence, reach a wider audience and communicate their strengths and capabilities effectively.

Barabi Coffee Co.

New: Barabi, a Colombian coffee company, required a website to introduce its exceptional coffee to the United States market. The company’s focus on B2B sales meant that the website had to be designed with the goal of making it easy for other companies to quickly see and understand the flavors that Barabi provides. Our team worked closely with Barabi to create a website that showcased the unique taste of their coffee in a visually appealing and informative way. We ensured that the website offered an intuitive user experience, making it simple for potential buyers to understand the variety of flavors offered. Our design approach helped Barabi to create a strong brand identity that effectively introduced their coffee to the US market, setting them up for success in the competitive coffee industry.

DW Locations

Before partnering with us, DW Locations faced challenges in reaching their target market of digital media producers who require location scouting for media shoots. This was largely due to the fact that they did not have an online presence through a website. As a result, they were missing out on a large portion of potential clients and opportunities. To address this issue, we worked closely with DW Locations to design and develop a visually stunning and informative platform that showcases their experience, quality of work, and services. The new website not only attracts the attention of their target market, but also provides an easy and effective way for potential clients to explore and request their services. This has resulted in increased visibility, greater opportunities, and a stronger online presence for DW Locations.


Ichiban Restaurants recognized the importance of a fresh and contemporary website design to improve their brand’s image. Collaborating with us, we provided them with a brand new, visually appealing website. To enhance the functionality of the site, we introduced online ordering and reservation features, two key drivers of revenue in the restaurant industry. These new features have enabled customers to easily and quickly make reservations and orders, resulting in improved customer satisfaction and loyalty. Additionally, the combination of an attractive aesthetic and these new functionalities has translated into substantial increases in sales revenue, amounting to tens of thousands of dollars. The updated website has helped Ichiban Restaurants to remain competitive in a fast-paced and ever-changing industry.

Better Life Physical Therapy

Better Life Physical Therapy recognized the need for an updated website that would improve their ability to attract potential clients and turn them into paying customers. Collaborating with us, we employed Dovera’s proven page design strategy to develop a visually stunning and highly effective website. Our strategy is focused on generating revenue through successful conversions, which is achieved through the integration of a combination of factors such as optimized content, clear calls-to-action, and user-friendly interface design. The end result is a website that serves as a powerful online sales representative for Better Life Physical Therapy, providing visitors with all the information they need to become satisfied customers.

Schmitz Treatment Products

Schmitz Treatment Product required an online platform to showcase their range of new and used wastewater treatment equipment. Our team worked closely with them to create a website that enables easy updates of their inventory, while providing a seamless user experience for their customers. With the new website in place, Schmitz Treatment Product now has a comprehensive online catalog of their equipment that is accessible to their customers. This enables potential buyers to view the available products, and get a clear understanding of the features and specifications of each item. Our design approach has enabled Schmitz Treatment Product to establish a strong online presence, ensuring they are well-positioned to compete in the competitive wastewater treatment equipment industry.

Central Eyes

Central Eyes was seeking to enhance their website and turn it into a more effective tool for attracting new customers and driving sales. We implemented our proven sales page design strategy while upgrading the overall look and design of the site. The old website was not optimized for mobile, leading to a poor user experience for mobile visitors. We addressed this issue by creating a fully mobile-optimized layout, resulting in a seamless and responsive experience for users on all devices. Our approach has helped Central Eyes to establish a robust online presence, making it easier for customers to find and engage with their brand. The new website is more visually appealing and is equipped with modern features that better position the company in the marketplace.

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